New Edition Voyager 20A PWM Waterproof Solar Charge Controller

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The Voyager 20A is a class leading 20-amp charge controller with an IP67 rating. It is perfect for outdoor use, and can withstand water spray, rain, and condensation. Equipped with advanced PWM technology, it supports both 12V and 24V off-grid applications, and is compatible with 4 different battery types, including Lithium Iron Phosphate. The Voyager 20A also ensures your system's longevity with solar panel, battery, and controller protections.
【4-STAGE PWM Technology】 】The Voyager controller is equipped with advanced smart PWM technology with high charging efficiency. It provides 4-stage charging (Bulk, Absorption, Float and Equalization) in order to protect the battery.
【IP67 Rated Waterproof】 With an IP67 rated waterproof design, the Voyager controller is suitable for outdoor use and will remain fully operational when exposed to water spray, rain, or condensation.
【Multiple Protections】 The Voyager controller has multiple intelligent protections against reverse polarity, over charge, short-circuit, reverse current, overload, and over discharge, keeping your battery fully protected.
【Support Multiple Battery Types】 The Voyager controller can automatically sense 12V or 24V system voltage when paired with a Gel, AGM, or Flooded batteries. It also comes with a Lithium activation feature.
【Backlit LCD displaying system】 The Voyager comes with an LCD display showing accurate and timely information including charging current, generated energy, temperature, battery voltage, and error codes that allows users to monitor and control charging.
  • 1. For users using PWM controller in their solar system, we highly recommend you to connect the solar panels in parallel since it will maintain the PV output voltage under which the controller will work in high efficiency.
  • 2. Never install the controller in a sealed enclosure with flooded batteries as gas can accumulate and there is a risk of explosion.
  • 3. The solar controller should be installed as near the battery as possible to avoid efficiency loss.
  • 4. Incorrect battery type setting on the controller may damage your battery. The system auto-recognition is only adapted to Gel, AGM, and Flooded batteries so when using the Voyager to charge a lithium battery bank, please manually set the system voltage otherwise the over-discharged lithium battery will not be activated.
  • 5. To maintain best controller performance, it is recommended to avoid any damage or wear wire going into the controller and make sure all terminals are tighten, inspect any loose, broken, or burnt up connections, and occasionally clean the case using a damp cloth.


Electrical Parameters Environmental Data
Nominal System Voltage 12/24V Auto-Detect Protection Level IP67
Rated Charge Current 20A Operating Temperature Range -31°F - 113°F
PV Input Voltage Range 15V-55V Storage Temperature Range -31°F - 167°F
Max. Pv Open Circuit Voltage 12V@25V 24V@55V Operating / Storage Humidity 10%-90%, No Condensation
Max. PV Input Power 12V @ 260W / 24V@520W Temperature Compensation '-3mV/C/2V excludes LI
    Mechanical Specifications
Battery Types SLD/AGM, GEL, FLD. LI Dimensions 6.08*3.83*1.40 in
Power Consumption 12V @ 0.24W / 24V@0.74W Weight 0.55Ibs
Max Battery Voltage 32V Max. Cable Size 6 AWG
Ground Type Positive Controller Terminals 20 - 6 AWG, 2-pin terminals
Electrical Protection Battery/Controller over-temperature protection, PV/Battery reverse polarity, Over-voltage, Over-current protection Optional Accessories
Communication Port N/A Temperature Sensor RTSVOY-US 22AWG 10FT

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