Wichard Double Fairlead - 25mm Diameter Stanchion w/Webbing - Velcro Stipe [20220]

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Double Fairlead - 25mm Diameter Stanchion with Webbing - Velcro Stipe


  • Quick and easy installation and dismantling
  • Thanks to the velcro stripe, the double fairlead can be installed easily and quickly on 25 mm stanchion
  • It enables quick installation and use of the continuous line of your flying sail furler or spinnaker furler
  • The dismantling is easy and enables you to store the whole set (fairlead and continuous line)
  • In case the continuous line is already spliced, the fairlead can be opened to install the line
  • This double fairlead has no moving parts and thus offers a greater lifespan and minimal maintenance


  • Use of the continuous line of your flying sails furler or spinnaker furler


  • Materials: 316L stainless steel grade
  • Weight: (lb) 0.397 / (g) 180
  • Diameter: (inch) 0.98" / (mm) 25


  • Working Load (WL): For nautical applications
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): For industrial applications only. The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load. WLL = Breaking load / 5

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Quick Guide (pdf)

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